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Critical acclaim for FBPO!

Ben Allison

“Don't let the name fool you. 'For Bass Players Only' is really for anyone who digs the bass and bass players. I mean, isn't that EVERYONE?!?

- Ben Allision

“All I think about is bass and there isn't a better place than FBPO to see what my fellow "bassheads" are thinking too!”

- Victor Bailey

"For Bass Players Only is a new, fresh place for the online bass community to gather - I highly recommend checking it out. And not just because I have an interview up there. :-)"

- Bryan Beller

“ is a fine resource to all of us who love the bass.  Come here often to see what is happening in the bass world.  Love to all.”

- Jeff Berlin
Alex Blake
“FBPO is a great site for all bass players of different musical backgrounds to check out. Everything you want to know and more is here for you. If I had to give it a rating, it would be 5 stars all the way!”

- Alex Blake
“FBPO is awesome! Thanks for including me!"

- Blasko
Bunny Brunel

" is the best site to get real stories about bass players."

- Bunny Brunel

Alain Caron

For Bass Players Only” is an incredible source of information, not only about bass and bass players, but everything in the bass world!  Very inspiring. Simply great!

- Alain Caron

Bootsy Collins

"For Bass Players Only! Come and funk with us, baby. On the one!"

- Bootsy Collins


"The 'For Bass Players Only' website is awesome. It's nice to see a site showcasing bass players, sharing our stories and our love of music."

- Melvin Lee Davis

Richard Davis

"I think FBPO is a wonderful resource, not only for bass players, but for all instrumentalists and the general public.  Jon is gifted at interviewing and getting essentials from the people being interviewed."

- Richard Davis 

Nathan East

"Wow... Everything Bass all in one place! Thank you, Jon Liebman, for this wonderful site and online community of all my favorite bass players! I'll be back often to keep up with all the latest bass news! Thanks again for including me...I really enjoyed our interview! With respect and appreciation for your ongoing support."

-Nathan East


"For Bass Players Only is a great way to keep your eyes and ears on the pulse of bass.  Great interviews, news and valuable information on the worldwide bass community."

- Mark Egan


"I love it...a site by bass players, for bass players and all about bass players. The guy in the back finally gets moved to center stage."

- David Ellefson


"FBPO has quickly become one of the real go-to sites for any and all information related to bass and bass players.  It’s a real treat to peruse. I often get lost going down the rabbit hole ... there's so much information here!  Pretty wonderful."

- Damian Erskine


"I dig getting the weekly updates from FBPO. It keeps me up to date on the latest bass happenings. It's a great resource for us low enders."

- Ed Friedland


“FBPO is a great place to get up-to-date bass info and read about players’ lives. You can also get good bass stuff online there. It's a really good forum.”  

- Bruce Gertz

Dann Glenn

“Jon Liebman’s For Bass Players Only is the quintessential site for all things bass. After surfing all the other sites, FBPO is, hands-down, the finest source out there for the sub-harmonic community.”

- Dann Glenn

Lincoln Goines

"A great source of current news and info for bassists and all musicians, right here on my smartphone!"

- Lincoln Goines

Gary Grainger

""FBPO is a tremendous tool for the working bass player, the ones that just play for fun and also the beginning players. Very well done. I like it!"

- Gary Grainger


“Wherever I am in the world or the day, FBPO lets me keep in touch with what’s going on in the bass world.  Thanks to my old buddy Jon for linking us all together in Bass-Dom!”

- Stuart Hamm


"FBPO is a bright light into the world of the often overlooked driving force in music through the stories of the people who bring the beauty of the instruments to life."

- Jerry Jemmott


"This site is a great resource because there is a lot of information here that covers a wide range of styles. The interviews give insight into how other bass players approach their music, plus there is a listing of tons of instructional stuff."

- Percy Jones

Tom Kennedy

For Bass Players Only dot-com is definitely the most informative and comprehensive online publication out there for bass players. Its great to have so many resources and general information available, not to mention catching up on what many of my other bass buddies are up to. Thank you, Jon Liebman, for such a terrific home-base to professional and aspiring bassists alike!

- Tom Kennedy

Greg Lake

Just finished a most enjoyable interview with Jon Liebman from FBPO. What a great website, a really fantastic and dedicated resource for anyone interested in the world of bass playing!

- Greg Lake


"FBPO is a great read, keeping me up to date with what my favorite bass players are doing and introducing me to all of the great up and comers.”

- Dave LaRue


"We bassists work mostly alone with players of other instruments. When we get together with fellow bass players though, it's a very special kinda hang. FBPO is the place! The videos are really inspiring!"

- Will Lee

Michael Manring

"For Bass Players Only is a great place to find out what's happening in the world of bass -- and there are a lot of cool things happening these days! It's informational, interesting and above all, inspiring."

- Michael Manring

Adam Nitti, bass player

“The FBPO website is one of the most comprehensive resources that I have seen out there for bass players. The site is not needlessly flashy but instead focuses on being a well-organized source of interesting information and resources. FBPO contains elements from the bass-playing community that you can’t find anywhere else online. Jon Liebman has done an incredible job putting it together.”

- Adam Nitti

"I think For Bass Players Only is a great idea!  First of all, having known Jon Liebman for decades at this point, I can attest to his passion for the instrument and his broad interest and knowledge about different styles.  And also his ability to discern the priorities of a bassist because he is one with an eye and an ear toward being foundational, but also very creative.  It’s nice to have that authentic place where you can come hear from the bass players themselves by someone who’s a real bass player and who’s intelligent about all the things that we could possibly be into."

- John Patitucci

"I enjoyed my interview with Jon for and I appreciated his interest in my long career playing the electric bass. The online site is a great opportunity for all bass enthusiasts, professional or otherwise, to hear first-person comments from other bassists well into their careers. As players, we are all continuing to grow as musicians and this site gives us an opportunity to hear first-hand the ideas and goals of the bass players interviewed.

- Chuck Rainey


“What I like most about the FBPO website is that it showcases all styles of music that the bass functions in.  This is great to see in one place.  The bass family seemingly embraces camaraderie like no other instrument and this site helps reinforce this concept through its articles and interviews.”

- Rufus Reid

Ray Riendeau

“One of my favorite places for all that is bass is For Bass Players Only. The site is very informative and an excellent resource for the bass community.”

- Ray Riendeau

Billy Sheehan

“I enjoy getting ForBassPlayersOnly and I read it all the time. Jon Liebman is one of the first pioneers to really get a bass website done right. The bass community owes him a tip of the hat. Thanks, Jon!”

- Billy Sheehan


“FBPO is such a great place for the bass community to hang. So many diverse players and thoughts. Not many chances to dig such things in this day and age. Hang and enjoy. I do!”  

- Leland Sklar


"FBPO is great! I read it all the time.  Think about it: A website devoted to bassists and their stuff.  How cool is that!"

- Alexis Sklarevski

Brian Torff

"Jon Liebman's 'For Bass Players Only' dot-com website is a an example of the true advantages of the Internet, not just to entertain, but to create community and help us all learn."

- Brian Torff

Robert Trujillo

“I want to thank Jon and FBPO for celebrating the pulse, the GROOVE, the low end. Bass players are the glue, and not always recognized. Through FBPO and its interviews, the tribe of BASS can thrive all as one!”

- Robert Trujillo (Metallica, Suicidal Tendencies, Infectious Grooves)

Will Turpin

“FBPO is an excellent place to stay in touch with everything in the world of bass. This site has an abundance of great resources, perfect for beginners as well as professionals. Jon’s interviews will appeal to all music fans interested in these bass players who are keepin’ it real with their feel!”

- Will Turpin (Collective Soul)

Mike Watt

“A place where bass is full-on in your face... 'For Bass Players Only' - a place where us thudstaffers will never be loney, making the flow from working the low.”

- Mike Watt, punk pioneer

Victor Wooten

"Anything that keeps us informed and in touch with each other is a good thing. This website is a wonderful resource."

- Victor Wooten

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