Jon Liebman

NAMM 2012
A Bass Player’s Perspective

I really enjoyed NAMM this year! Though I did see more than just bass players, you wouldn't know it from the pictures below. Here is a collection of photos of me with some of the bass players I encountered during my visit.

I also got some great videos, which you can check out on the FBPO YouTube channel, and I lined up a whole bunch of interviews, all of which you'll see on FBPO in the coming months. In the meantime, Enjoy!

Jon Liebman

Jon Liebman, Michael Anthony
Francia "Rocco" Prestia, Jon Liebman
Jon Liebman, Mike Inez
With Michael Anthony
With Francis "Rocco" Prestia
With Alice in Chains' Mike Inez

Jon Liebman, Mark Egan
Will Lee, Jon Liebman
Jon Liebman, Quentin Berry
With Mark Egan
With Will Lee
With Quentin Berry

Phil Chen, Jon Liebman
Bunny Brunel, Jon Liebman
Kenny Davis, Jon Liebman
With Phil Chen
With Bunny Brunel
With Kenny Davis

Brian Bromberg, Jon Liebman
Jon Liebman, David Ellefson
Jon Liebman, Alain Caron
With Brian Bromberg
With David Ellefson
With Alain Caron

Jauquo III-X, Jon Liebman, MIke Pope
Leland Sklar, Jon Liebman
With Jauqo III-X (left) and Mike Pope
With Leland Sklar (doing Lee's "signature" greeting)

Damian Erskine, Jon Liebman
Mike Friedman, Stuart Hamm, Jon Liebman
Jon Liebman, Bjorn Englen
With Damian Erskine
With drummer Mike Friedman (left) and Stu Hamm
With Bjorn Englen

Andrew Gouche, Jon Liebman
Abraham Laboriel, Jon Liebman
Christian Fabian, Jon Liebman
With Andrew Gouche
With Abe Laboriel
With Christian Fabian

Jon Liebman, Ric Fierabracci
Ernie Watts, Jon Liebman
Jon Liebman, Mike Frost
With Ric Fierabracci
With Ernie Watts (not a bass player, but ...)
With Mike Frost

Matt Garrison, Jon Liebman, Hadrien Feraud

Verdine White, Jon Liebman

Jon Liebman, Dann Glenn
With Matt Garrision (left) and Hadrien Feraud
With Verdine White
With Dann Glenn

Jon Liebman, Doug Johns
Jon Liebman, Allison Charles
James LoMenzo, Jon Liebman
With Doug Johns
With Sinead O'Connor bassist Yolanda Charles
With James LoMenzo

Jon Liebman, Tim Lefebvre
Jon Liebman, Robert "Bubby" Lewis
Jon Liebman, Matt Garrison
With Tim Lefebvre
With Robert "Bubby" Lewis
With Matt Garrison

Marvin Banks, Jon Liebman, Gerald Marleaux
Jon Liebman, Rudy Sarzo
Etienne Mbappe, Jon Liebman
With Marvin Banks (left) and Gerald Marleaux
With Rudy Sarzo
With Etienne Mbappe

Jon Liebman, David Gage
Jon Liebman, TM Stevens
Jon Liebman, Norm Stockton
With David Gage (and Esperanza Spalding...sort of)
With TM Stevens
With Norm Stockton

James LoMenzo, Jon Liebman, Bjorn Englen
Lane Baldwin, Jon Liebman, Uriah Duffy
Leland Sklar, Jon Liebman
With James LoMenzo (left) and Bjorn Englen
With Lane Baldwin (left) and Uriah Duffy
With Leland Sklar


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